BASF Green Leaves


  • PROJECT: BASF Green Leaves
  • AREA: 2,25,000 SFT/20,900 SQM
  • TIMELINE: 2014 - 2017
  • STATUS: Completed

The Green Leaves project for BASF is a collaborative space housing scientific and technical laboratories, modern offices, a full-scale auditorium, cafeteria, and other employee amenities. The structure follows an open plan, offering interactive spaces to encourage communication and collaboration amongst the users. The interior spaces follow a contemporary style with minimal lines and burst of color, defining the various spaces within the building envelope. A glass-roofed central atrium lends insular spaces on every level with animated balconies looking inwards. Designed to achieve LEED gold rating, the building incorporates several sustainable features such as secondary facade to minimize solar heat gain, energy-efficient LED lights, rainwater harvesting, a reflective roof with photo-voltaic panels and a windmill to generate renewable energy.