Aparna Narasimhan

Aparna Narasimhan an architect with over 30 years of experience is Partner and Design Director at Venkataramanan Associates a leading architectural practice. In her position, Aparna guides the firm’s design process and critical review sessions.

A keen artist and proponent of art appreciation she maintains a strong emphasis on drawing by hand as a design tool. As co-founder of Kadambari – an organization that is involved in the promotion of performing arts and fine arts of India, Aparna has organized several exhibitions and workshops on traditional Indian textiles, arts and crafts.

Her work, which is dominated by residential and institutional projects, is characterized by an ability to straddle complex parameters and feasibility studies, a good understanding of context and a design process that displays knowledge ranging from master-plan level decision-making to minute design detailing. Aparna’s design rationale is highly objective and user-responsive. She often revisits completed projects to observe first-hand the impact her design has had on human behaviour.

Her award-winning works continue to garner national and international attention. Her allied interests in art and craft have had her designing sets for theatre productions. She believes in reciprocating knowledge and sustains a healthy interaction with students through talks and workshops.