Ravindra Kumar

Ravindra Kumar (Ravee) heads Design at VA. His strength has been in providing innovative design solutions to emerging project trends & typologies in India. He has a keen understanding of the complex needs of new laboratory facilities and other building types and understands the need to integrate with building and landscape aesthetics. He has designed many of VA’s large and complex projects. He has more than two decades of experience in this field.

He has been a visiting faculty member at various Departments of Architecture. Currently is the reader and chair for long distant studies program at Educational Praxis, Maloboro University, USA. He has keen interest in primary and secondary education and is the president of the T.B.S. foundation, a school for 400 rural children and Rangaloka, a not for profit organization.

Ravee has been nominated as the brand ambassador for sustainability initiatives towards green architecture namely Earth Matters, IAB India, Activism Architecture, Design Quest India. He has lectured as an invitee in many of these events in India and overseas. He has done extensive documentation on vernacular India for various work groups including INTACH, Madras Craft Foundation. He has lectured in various cities in India & around the world, sharing an experience on his ideation of architecture.